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We will keep you updated concerning our morning inspirations, bible studies, and special events.


Bible Deliverance is built on the foundation of the absolute Word of God as the ultimate means of deliverance and guidance for all mankind. Our focus is on giving a platform to God and His Word alone.


We have picked up a mantle to be a church without walls.  We recognize that the confines of church walls, traditionally only draw “churched people”.  We are committed to reaching the unchurched, the unbelievers, those trying to find their way, those following false religions, and those who doubt the existence and or the power of God. We know these are souls who would likely never cross the threshold of a church but are unquestionably souls worth saving.  


We are proud to say there are enough churches in every city and state and we believe every believer should be connected to a biblically sound church that embraces the mission of evangelism.  As children of God, we should never forsake fellowshipping with other believers for the sake of strengthening our faith, learning the Word of God, and more importantly being an intricate part of the body of Christ. When the body works collectively, we as believers can walk in dominion, as assigned to us by God.


Bible Deliverance is committed to evangelism that answers the tough questions, engages in and teaches conversational and common sense evangelism, boasting the consistency of righteousness as it aligns with the Word of God.

If you have a biblical question or a question related to religion, please ask.  If you want us to partner with you in prayer about anything, please submit your prayer request (


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