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"Yea Be Yea" is committed to publishing good, quality and edifying content.  And we need good, godly writers. 

We do not offer compensation to our writers at this time, however, we do allow our writers to include tag their website, social media, or other contact resources so readers can freely support our writer's endeavors.

We also give our writers a free full page ad to also promote their endeavors. 

If you are interesting in submitting an article to be published in "Yea Be Yea"


"Yea Be Yea" is available free w/o a paid subscription making it available to all 27 million Magzster subscribers

GUIDELINES:  "Yea Be Yea" magazine is the gathering place of ideas, insights, and stories that exalt Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are always on the lookout for ideas and stories, as well as experienced writers and interviewers. Average word count: 1,500-2,500 words for feature articles.

Once the article is submitted please allow 7-10 days for review. Should we decide to publish your article we will reach out to you for the imagery for your full page advertisement

Thanks for submitting!

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