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The Word of The Day

God has called me to coach...

Hello, I am Pastor Deb.  It is no mistake that you have ended up on this page, God has ordered your steps.  When God first put it on my heart to do this, I didn't see why. 


God revealed to me that there are people who are hurting that need healing.   There are those who have walked away from various religions, and even been disfellowshipped, there are who are lost, as well as, those who need to be strengthened in their faith, guided, and directed.


I thoroughly understand that there are instances when preaching is not enough, some need a more personal, direct point of engagement.  


God also led me to understand in the world in which we live people are better at digital communication, so as spiritual leaders we have to be committed enough to the Kingdom of God to meet people where they are. 


So all things considered with the glory of God on my side here I am committed and submitted to being a spiritual coach to those who want and need it. 


Spiritual Coaching Rules:

  • No profanity

  • No sharing of obscene or nude pictures

  • No blasphemy

  • Any violation of the above rules or exaltation of disrespect will result in disconnection and blocking further contact.


Spiritual Coaching Disclaimer.

Pastor Deb (Deborah Ocasio) is a licensed and ordained minister who provides spiritual counseling concerning various aspects of life utilizing biblical principles as a foundation.

Spiritual coaching is not intended to substitute or replace professional mental healthcare or medical care, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.

Spiritual coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or substance abuse treatment and should not be used in place of any form of therapy.

 A spiritual coach is not a mental health counselor or a medical professional. For all legal purposes, a spiritual coach's services are provided to motivate and expound on biblical teachings.

Everyone utilizing the spiritual coaching of Bible Deliverance is fully responsible for their well-being during all coaching sessions and subsequently includes their choices and decisions.  

All comments and ideas offered by a spiritual coach are solely to aid in one achieving defined goals. In regards to input concerning careers or business, the spiritual coach cannot promise any outcomes, profitability, or success.

A spiritual coach is obligated to protect all clients' confidential information unless it conflicts with federal or state law. Spiritual coaches are obligated to report child or elder abuse or neglect or the threat of self-harm or the harm of someone else,  necessary actions will be taken, and the confidentiality agreement is limited in this capacity. 

Furthermore, if a spiritual coach is ordered by a court to provide information or testify, they must do so to the extent the law requires. 

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You're on the right road....

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