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I challenge everyone under the sound of my voice to shut down everything for about 2 hours: no TV, no phone, no outside voices or interference. 

This may require that you wake up 2 hours before everyone else in your house.  It may require you to stay up 2 hours before everyone in your house goes to sleep.  When God is doing something, figure out how to position yourself to be part of what he is doing.


When you get that alone time, grab a notebook or a couple of sheets of paper and start writing.  


  1. Write out all the things you know you have allowed to be part of your life that God is not pleased with.

  2. Then pause and pray these simple words:  Lord, open my eyes and give me the strength to move forward, knowing that you are my God, that you are my refuge, and that all things are possible if I make you the center.

  3. Now read the list you created and them write down why you have allowed this to be part of your life and what is your fear if cut this obstacle loose in the traffic jam of your life.

  4. Then start talking to God again, praying these words: “Forgive me for everything and everyone that I have allowed to enter my life and be an obstacle cause a traffic jam be you and me.  Lord, give me direction, protection, and strength to execute all that needs to be done for me to begin living a life that is pleasing in your site.”


Making the decision requires being committed to a transition period that is very uncomfortable. You won’t be able to sleep.The adjustment and changes will not be easy. You’re going to shed some tears. You’re going to upset some folks. People are going to ridicule you.You may be moving backward because sacrifices may have to be made.


But once you have made the transition and settled into a lifestyle that is pleasing to God, doors of opportunity begin to open, favor you never saw coming is released, an inner peace you have never experienced is realized, and an unspeakable joy is manifested.  Your craving for the Word of God is enhanced, your discernment is greater, and your standards are elevated.  This is a space very few get to travel

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